Lying to Our Mothers

Coteau Books, 2006

In Lying to Our Mothers, Katherine Lawrence traces the tensions that visit the culture of girls and women — mothers, daughters, friends, wives, and lovers.

What emerges is an unsettling collection of characters who dance back and forth between the light of wonder and the shadow of experience, legs kicked high as cancan girls. These bold and elegant poems lay claim to the power of girl.


Selected Praise For Lying to Our Mothers

…Lawrence does have an excellent eye for detail, and makes the use of the most mundane ones, like cooking porridge and stripping beds to create a moving memorial to a mother and son killed in an auto accident reported in the morning news. These poems have been honed with care, old truths restated with grace. Perhaps graceful is the best word to describe her writing style. Lawrence knows her audience.
— Anna Mioduchowska, Dream Catcher 23, 2009
Katherine Lawrence writes with seeming ease about the most knotty of family issues….there are
always several emotions in play, and the lines are rich with irony, the poet playing artfully with
her own desire to be young again.
— Chris Pannel
The unbridgeable gap between mothers and daughters is bridged here in the details of beautiful poems. The lenses are nature, boys, bad girls, food and looks. This is a field guide to girls - descriptive, qualitative, and with sharply observed habits and heart.
— Marilyn Bowering, Poet