Coteau Books, 2017

It's here! Stay is now available through this website, or via Coteau Books, or any good bookstore.


Grades 5-7/Ages 9-12

Millie can read but she walked straight by the sign posted on the front door of her dad’s new apartment building: NO DOGS ALLOWED. How could she be so stupid? How could her dad be so dumb? He left her mom.  Now he rents a place that won’t let Millie keep the pup he promised – promised –she could adopt. Mom has gone back to work full-time but says a pup costs too much money on a single pay cheque. Yet a pup would be good company for Millie. Especially in the middle of the night when she wakes in a panic about catching the wrong bus to the wrong address. A pup curled up at the foot of the bed would chase away Millie’s nightmare.   Why won’t anyone listen to Millie? It’s not much fun moving back and forth every week between two homes, two beds, two kitchen tables, and two parents who cannot agree on anything except the one thing that evades Millie’s grasp.

Award winning writer Katherine Lawrence gives readers a contemporary story vividly told in rich and playful linked poems. Stay is a novel-in-verse that takes readers into the heart and mind of a young girl on the verge of discovering an ancient truth.